Qualified Auto Accident Lawyers

Car accidents have injured and even taken the lives of hundreds of Minnesotans each year.  They are the leading cause of brain and spinal cord injuries, not to mention neck, back, orthopedic, and neurological injuries.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, the lawyers at Johnson Law Office P.A. can help.  Allow our auto accident attorneys to stand between you and the insurance companies, ensuring you get the benefits you deserve.

The Importance of Dedicated Auto Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in an accident, there are many challenges you are likely to face.  These may include lost wages, unmanageable medical bills, repair bills, and other out of pocket expenses.  You also have to consider the complex insurance claims typically involving two or more insurance companies.

Insurance companies have experienced attorneys who look out for their best interests.  We believe that you should have the very best auto accident attorneys looking out for you. Insurance adjusters have the company’s interest in mind; however, you can count on our auto accident attorneys to always fight for what is in your best interest.

Your Trusted Auto Accident Lawyers

Put your trust in lawyers with detailed knowledge of the law in vehicular personal injury cases.  We are a client-focused firm that knows what needs to be done to prove you deserve just and fair compensation.  For more than 15 years we have been getting results for our clients.  Our combination of professional experience and personal dedication gives you the best possible chance of winning.

Every case we accept is on a contingency basis.  You do not have to pay us any money unless you win your case either in the courtroom or through a settlement.  Let our auto accident attorneys evaluate the details of your case.

Building a Case for Car Accident Victims

If you are hospitalized due to an automobile-related injury, chances are you have to deal with expensive medical bills as well as lost wages from missing time at work. Time is money, and if you are unable to work, it is crucial that you seek legal help from experienced auto accident attorneys. Our law firm knows how to prepare a case for auto-related injuries. We make sure the at fault party faces responsibility for their role in the accident.

We also prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of the victim’s vulnerability. You should never take an insurance company’s initial settlement offer without first consulting with our personal injury lawyers. Our firm has frequently been able to acquire much larger settlements for our clients than the insurance company’s initial offer. The only way to get the fair compensation you deserve is to first determine the full extent of your injuries, treatment and losses.

Contact us to learn more about your legal options after being involved in a car accident. We are conveniently located to clients throughout the seven country metro area of Minnesota.