Dog Bite Attorneys with a History of Success

When you suffer an injury from a dog bite, you need expert representation from Johnson Law Office P.A..  Our dog bite attorneys in can put together a case that aims to ensure you receive just compensation for your pain and suffering.  Do not accept the unfortunate circumstances that led to your injury.  Enlist the help of our attorneys that specialize in dog bites and attacks.

Why You Need Dog Bite Attorneys

A personal injury can instantly change your life.  Suddenly you’re dealing with exorbitant medical bills and loss of income due to missing work, as well as your personal pain and suffering.  This leaves you with a lot of questions concerning the financial future of you and your family.

Unfortunately, dog bite lawsuits are not always as clear cut as they should be.  If you have been bitten by a dog, you immediately need to enlist legal help from an experienced dog bite attorney.  Otherwise, you may not receive compensation for your suffering or even reimbursement for your medical bills.

When you hire our dog bite attorneys, we use the resources of our entire law firm to investigate the circumstances of your attack.  If possible, we look at the history of the dog to see if we can find a pattern of aggressive behavior.  We also look into any previous incidents with the dog owner that could show other instances of negligence.  Our goal is to show the owner did not take proper precautions to prevent the dog from attacking.  We also deal with insurance companies to ensure you receive the medical care you need to recover from your ordeal.

The Legalities of Dog Bite Lawsuits

Being bitten or assaulted by an aggressive dog is not only a terrifying experience, the attack or bite may lead to serious injury.  About 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites each year.  One in five dog bites require medical treatment.  They can cause not only physical implications such as infection or scarring, which could even require cosmetic surgery, but they can also cause long-term mental complications as well.  For any victim, scarring and disfigurement can have a very real psychological impact, often affecting relationships and self-image.

We believe the most important thing that you can do for yourself is hire dog bite attorneys to learn about your legal rights.  In the state of Minnesota, pet owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their dogs.  In most dog-bite cases, the dog’s owner will be required to compensate you for scarring/disfigurement, pain and suffering, and medical bills resulting from the attack or bite.  Even if you were not bitten, but were knocked down or fell as the result of a pet’s actions, and were injured, the pet owner may be held responsible for your injuries.

Contact us to discuss the legal action you should take if you were bitten or otherwise injured by a dog. We are conveniently located to clients throughout the seven country metro area of Minnesota.