Minnesota Worker's Compensation
Working Hard for What You Deserve
Many people don't understand what Minnesota worker's compensation really is or how it works. Let's first start with why it was even established. Minnesota Worker's Compensation benefits was originally established to help businesses prevent lawsuits by supplying workers with financial assistance to help cover costs related to an injury or illness that occurred while on the job. This can include work related injuries or illnesses, and the medical and rehabilitation costs that go along with those. It also includes lost wages from missing work due to the injury, and it includes death benefits if the injury results in death.

Most injuries that occur at work are preventable. Many accidents that happen at the workplace include slips and falls because of negligence in cleaning up spills, or things not being put away properly. It's important to contact us right away if you've been injured at work so we can investigate the situation and build the case for you to ensure you get proper compensation. The negligence of others should not be accepted as an excuse. The personal injury attorneys at our personal injury law firm are highly trained and well experienced in cases such as this that require Minnesota worker's compensation.

When you are tired of all the red tape the insurance companies make you deal with, or if your employer is not cooperating with you or not taking your injury seriously, call Johnson Law Firm P. A., and we will help you get the results you are looking for. Sometimes you simply need the expert advice of a personal injury lawyer to guide you in making sure you receive the proper amount in Minnesota worker's compensation. There are too many cases of personal injury that go unclaimed because the injured party did not get proper counsel. We at Johnson Law Firm genuinely care about your well being. You need time to recover from the injury before returning to work. If you have to fight with your employer to make that happen, the stress could increase your recovery time. Allow the expertise of our experienced personal injury lawyers go to battle for you. This will give you the time to recover without the added of stress of having to fight for it. You work hard and deserve compensation. We work hard to make sure the law is being followed and you are able to focus on your health and well being.

When you try to do things on your own, you quickly learn that the world of Minnesota worker's compensation claims is a complicated world. There is a lot to learn and understand. Thankfully, you can hire us and one of our personal injury attorneys will be able to guide you through it, so you can receive the recovery benefits to which you are entitled.

Minnesota law states that employees are entitled to recover benefits without an investigation of negligence. The employee is permitted benefits as long as there is proof that the injury occurred on the job.

Contact us for a free consultation to decide which legal action you should take if you have been injured on the job. We are currently serving clients throughout the seven country metro area of Minnesota, including Lake Elmo, Bloomington, Maple Grove, Roseville and St. Louis Park.