Case Settlements
We recently made a recovery of $270,000 for a pedestrian hit by a motorcyclist. Justice Served!

Our firm made recovery for a woman injured in a car accident for $250,000. Justice Served!

Settlement of $505,000 recovered for a man injured in a car accident with back injuries. Justice Served!

Our firm made a recovery for a man injured at a rock wall climbing accident where he fell and injured his back as the result of the facility providing faulty information to the tune of $250,000. Justice Served!

$1,300,000 Settlement Reached. Tim Johnson recently co-counseled on a case that settled against a large tire manufacturer for a defective tire causing a crash. Justice Served!

$1,000,000 Punitive Damages awarded! Timothy Johnson just co-counseled on a case where the Defendant, our client's former boyfriend, must pay our client for a vicious assault to her that resulted in multiple serious injuries. What a Punitive Damages award means is that the Defendant will not be able to discharge it in bankruptcy and it will follow him his entire life until it is paid. Justice Served!

$3,359,000.00 Judgment obtained! On 8/14/20, Timothy Johnson and John Corey obtained a $3,359,000.00 judgment for our client following a felony assault. This case involved a 21 year old woman that was viciously assaulted by her boyfriend causing mild traumatic brain injury, facial lacerations which resulted in scarring, and PTSD. Justice Served!

On 4/6/18, we settled a case where we represented a child that was injured on a playground at a school. School employees brought her class to a playground designed for children older than her age, allowed her to play on wet/slippery equipment made of metal, and failed to supervise her resulting in a fall that led to a significant concussion and back injuries. After a long fight with the school district and overcoming the school district's statutory immunity protections, we recovered $75,000 to help pay her medical bills and future needs. Justice Served!