"Great Job Guys!!!!!!! Thank you for your consistently excellent work with my clients & of course my own case. I feel confident in referring to you."
- Dr Trish W.

"I would just like to say thank you thank you THANK YOU for your incredible work and dedication in helping me get the money for this settlement. I don't have words for the relief I felt when my mom gave me the incredible news about our winning that claim and not having to go to trial for it. I only wish I could have been on the call so I could have celebrated with you. Anyway thank you."
- Amber H.

"Thank you to you, Nick, and your staff for the hard work on my accident claim. What a wonderful Christmas present! May you all have a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy New Year!"
- L.P.

"I unfortunately have been in multiple auto accidents. My prior attorney did not look out for my best interest, never kept me informed and never returned my phone calls. I was referred to Johnson Law Office through both my Chiropractor and my Massage Therapist. I am very happy and pleased that I was referred to them as they have been very polite, truthful, honest, have great customer service, didn't talk down to me, and explained everything every step of the way. If I were to call them and left a voicemail, I would either hear back from them right away or the next business day. They fought for me in my arbitration and did an excellent job. When it came time for my pain and suffering, I would call them for updates and they knew exactly what was going on and were able to explain it to me in great detail. In the end, they were successful in obtaining a fair settlement that will help me out for years to come."
- Carol

"Dear Tim, I can not thank you enough for all your hardwork & dedication with my accident. I truly appreciate everything you did for me & my family. Thank you!"
- Steve, Sue, Holly, Nathan

"I cannot say enough about Tim Johnson and his staff. I hired them last year when I was rear-ended at a red stoplight. At first I didn't think that I needed an attorney. I was treated for my injuries and suddenly my insurance company stopped paying my bills. I was so worried! I was still in severe pain and could not afford to pay out of my pocket for the care I needed. My chiropractor suggested that I talk to a personal injury attorney just to know my rights. A friend recommended Johnson Law Office. I called and they took care of everything! They answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. They filed for arbitration against my insurance carrier and they started paying my bills again. Since I was not at-fault in the accident, they were also able to obtain a decent liability settlement for me for everything I had to go through. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has been in an accident."
- Marie J.

"I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful services provided to me by the Johnson Law Office. Charles & Timothy have been precise, prompt and thorough with the details of my case. From the very beginning, I was confident that my case would be handled professionally, confidently and with precision. They offered great services throughout the entire process and would always respond promptly, providing great legal advice and consultation along the way. They handled all of my needs as a client, and showed to be very detail oriented while negotiating and dealing with my case.

On a personal level, Charles & Timothy showed to be very friendly and easy to work with. They put the focus on the client and didn't make me feel that I was just a case number. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who has legal needs."

- Hodan H.

"Johnson Law and Charles Zuluaga provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my questions were met and that the firm was invested in my case and me. They were always accessible, returned my calls and emails quickly, aggressive and got me the results that I wanted. Johnson Law produced the quality of an attorney that anyone would want!"
- Rachel T.

"I wish to thank you, Mr. Johnson and Nicholas Angel, the Attorney I worked with, for the way your firm handled the car accident I was involved in August, 2013. I admit, it did take some time to work out the details with my insurance and the other insurance company; with the doctors and the physical therapists, the billing, the physical appointments, the surgery etc. It was very time consuming for both of us.

However, the purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the work that was done! Nick Angel worked diligently on my behalf and promptly followed up by returning my phone calls. This was important to me and I appreciated that. He also kept me apprised of each situation that cropped up. He discussed with me, the different situations and how he was going to handle ongoing issues.

Ultimately, the case got settled and, and I might add, with better news financially than I thought. I am truly grateful for the outcome.

In closing I want to thank you, Mr. Johnson, and Nicholas Angel for your efforts and consistency in following through with the details of my case. I will confidently recommend your firm to anyone that may require Attorneys to work on Personal Injury cases."

- With Sincere Gratitude, Rose J.

"A "Red Bull" with a heart of Gold

Tim donated funds to allow veteran owned small businesses to advertise on local radio stations. This generous gift is a reflection of his commitment to service and his experience of what veterans truly have to offer their clients. Thank you Tim for your service to our great country, the veteran community and to the people who need justice."

- Submitted by Corporate Allies, LLC - Unknown

"It's been amazing working with you. I appreciate your patience and time you dedicate towards my case."
- Tim Q.